Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bello Vino and the Curico Wine Valley

Yeah! We've left the city and headed down the highway south on Ruta 5. Santiago is very large and the southern part is heavily industrialized. But then it opens out into the country and miles of orchards and vineyards. We are staying near the town of Santa Cruz which is 3 hrs south of Santiago.
We are staying at a bed & breakfast called Bello Vino. Charming little place surrounded by vineyards and mountains.
                                          The entrance looks simple - not too exciting
                                                        A nice lanai opening onto the patio
                                                The view off  the patio of the vineyards
                                                             The boys' room
                         the Mommy & Daddy's room with a cute little woodstove for a chilly night
A nice sunny view of the vineyards from our bedroom
                                               Then a delicious dinner at the restaurant

 These food pictures are for you, Emily! Our appetizer was fried mozzarella on the left and on the right is smoked salmon, steak tartar, and octopus. Water always comes in a bottle though the tap water is good and very safe to drink. Water is either sin gas or con gas. That is sin(without) gas or carbonation or con (with).
                    Samuel had handmade pasta with meatballs in a peppery tomato sauce
 My filet mignon on a bed of gnocchi in rosemary cream sauce- I know you're drooling now!
                                                   Jim's braised short ribs and gnocchi
 Andrew's sirloin steak with papas fritas - (fried potatoes)
 CafĂ© con leche (with milk). Many people think the cuisine would be similar to Mexican but it is not. I guess it is more European as the culture has heavy influence from Spain, Italy, and Germany. There are some traditional Chilean foods. Each South American country has its own empanada- Chilean is called pino empanada and it has meat, onions, some boiled egg slices, and an olive (with the pit!). They have other varieties also. My favorite is jamon queso (ham & cheese) with a crust similar to phyllo dough. Meat esp. seafood is very abundant and very fresh.
 A beautiful old building with stone tile floors- wood beam ceilings- stucco walls
 The bill comes in a little box - our meal with drinks, wine, coffee, and desert was $160. Not too bad  for the top quality of the food and for 5 people.
 Some views of the restaurant with an outdoor area and a part that used to be a horse stable.

What a lovely area and though I have never been to California, I think it is very much like the wine regions there in the topography and climate which is good for growing grapes. We won't have time for a wine tour on this trip but tomorrow we are headed down to Chillan which is another 4 hours south to the hot springs and ski resort.
We are so thankful for all the friends who have been following our travels and thank you for all the kind comments and prayers. Please post any questions you may have. I would love to answer them!
God Bless


  1. I wasn't hungry when I started reading this, but now I am!
    Looks delicious.

  2. I found your blog and then I lost it!! BUT then I found it again! :) The boys and I have a lot of catching up!

    Yes. It looks like CA. That restaurant reminds me of one we visited in San Juan Capistrano, CA with my Dad! Brings back wonderful memories! :)

    Just curious... How's the lizard population? While visiting Mexico we noticed a lot of lizards in the restaurants on the ceiling, etc. I couldn't eat. Remember, I'm the one that called 911 about the snake... :) (Dunch'a miss me??) :) LOL!

  3. Hi Maggie!
    Sorry i've seen only one lizard but it is winter so they may be hibernating. It is not tropical like Mexico so that may be another reason.