Monday, July 8, 2013

Day One!

Finally got everything into the container and packed all the suitcases.
Last night we gave our van to J & K at Prince of Peace.
It was so nice to see our van being used by a young growing family.
We rented a truck this morning and started our drive to Miami
We decided to leave from Miami because it is a direct flight and with
3 kids and 16 pieces of luggage, we thought it would just be easier!
We each had 2 check in bags and one carry on. we have one extra suitcase
Which will cost an extra $180 (ouch) but momma needs to be happy
With my books and craft stuff.
Tonight we are in Titusville and will get to Miami early for some
Relaxation around the pool tomorrow.
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And forgive my bad spelling and grammar as I peck away on the ipad!


  1. I'm saving this in my bookmarks so I can check in frequently. The picture of your yard is gorgeous! We will be praying for safe travel.
    Beth G et al.

  2. The comment about Momma needing her books & craft stuff to be happy really made me smile. Glad you all made it safely.

    Suzi Hansborough