Friday, August 23, 2013

Bienvenido a Loteo Quilanto!

Welcome to our home in southern Chile

Coming up  Route 55 from Puerto Octay, it has rolling hills and beautiful farmland with glimpses of the lake and volcanoes.
                                                                  The gated entrance
                                                      Thomas's favorite little waterfall
 Down through the grove of trees
 Up towards the house
the view of the lakes and volcanoes from the top of the drive- sorry so cloudy!
 The front of our house
Come on inside!
Our kitchen and eating area
Thomas and Andrew having lunch 
The other side of the room is our living area
the wood stove heats the whole house
yes, it is standard in Chile not to have central heating but it usually doesn't get real cold so its not a big problem
 Up the stairs to the rear
 Our front bedroom and balcony
Every morning I can lie in bed and watch the sunrise over the mountains
What bliss!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

To the top of Osorno

Here at the Cafe Capuccini at the Teatro del Lago waiting to go in for a concert with Gil Shaham, a violinist from Israel. Tickets were $30 per person. This theater hangs out over the lake in Frutillar Bajo. Beautiful views of the lake. We usually come here for the wifi cafe. But today I want to share our pictures of our ski trip up to Volcan Osorno.
Approaching the volcano from the north side of the lake. Well maintained gravel roads with beautiful dairy farms.

 Some fox kits at a scenic overlook. They enjoyed our ham!
 Near the bottom is heavily wooded.
  The volcan is around 2652 meters high which is 8,701 feet tall.
 A radio station near the top
 The ski lodge - very simple - no fancy hotels- located at 4500 feet the lift takes you up to 5500 feet
 The lift going up Here is a link for prices on ski lift and rental

The top has a crater but it is covered by a glacier
You can climb to the top but only with a guided tour because it is very dangerous with crevasses

 Volcan Calbuco - the neighboring volcano

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Petrohue on Lago Todos Los Santos

The most beautiful lake in Chile probably in all of South America! The weather here is so fickle. It rains, the sun is shining, clouds, wind, rainbows. All at the same time- continually changing,. In Patagonia you have 4 seasons in one day. the weather changes so quickly.This should be called the land of rainbows. We have seen so many! and double ones!
Look this lake up on google maps- The town is Petrohue( pronounced petro-way)and it is situated in a valley between the volcanoes on the western shore of a beautful lake. The town has a lodge and a black sand volcanic beach and tour boats. the water is turquoise blue. the mountains come right down to the water like a norwegian fjord. Water falls splashing into the lake - surrounded by snow capped mountains & osorno
Volcan Osorno sits between the 2 lakes- Llanqhuihue and Los Santos or All Saint's lake
Rainbow or arca iris in spanish over Volcan Calbuco
 The river coming off the lake into the ocean- a beautiful turquoise and it is snowing on the top of that mountain
 the boat dock with the Lodge behind it and the black sand beaches

 Coffee at the Lodge by the fireplace
 This was a double rainbow that appeared twice!
 The Lodge
 The awesome lake with almost no one living on it! and no roads around it- Petrohue is the end of the line down a long dirt road - glad we had 4 wheel drive!

Aguas Calientes

This is the hot springs or termas found in Parque Nacional Puyehue on Lago Puyehue which was just beautiful with islands and waterfalls and hot springs. Mostly uninhabited, mostly park, and the road going over into Argentina. We are having to do most of our internet blogging from a cafe at the Teatro del Lago in Frutillar Bajo on Lago Llanquihue. So please forgive my sloppy hurried posts as I have to share the computer time.
This is the indoor part of the hot springs. The water was very hot! probably over 140F coming into the pool and the pool was probably around 110F. Pretty warm for a cold rainy afternoon. $15 per person to swim

This is the outdoor pool next to the river.
 A bridge over the river- looks a little safer than the ones at Las Cascadas!

 Picnic tables
 This is where the hot water bubbles up and is piped into the pools
This is the lake with islands and waterfalls

The clouds and rain have not lifted for 5 days so all the mountain tops are shrouded in clouds and everything is so dreary and rainy. the pictures just don't do it justice.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Las Cascadas- the first time

Las Cascadas is a waterfall on the other side of the lake from our house. The drive was beautiful down gravel roads with dairy farms all around and the everpresent volcanoes which have been hiding lately behind the clouds. We weren't sure what to expect and this one was full od surprises and adventure! 3 km up a very rough road to the base of Volcan Osorno. We were told a 30 minute hike up to the falls - enter at your own risk! Jim has a knack for understanding languages he can't speak.
The first bridge tied together with cables - holes patched with old boards!

 The second bridge!
 And the last bridge! that's Thomas on Jim's back
 Walking up into the gorge/canyon

 Notice the lush vegetation- a cool temperate rainforest- the Valdivian rainforest as it is known here
 A smaller waterfall spilling over the sides of the canyon

 The thunder was pretty loud of the water crashing down several hundred feet to the rock floor of the canyon. The kids climbed down and got soaked by the spray