Thursday, August 8, 2013

Petrohue on Lago Todos Los Santos

The most beautiful lake in Chile probably in all of South America! The weather here is so fickle. It rains, the sun is shining, clouds, wind, rainbows. All at the same time- continually changing,. In Patagonia you have 4 seasons in one day. the weather changes so quickly.This should be called the land of rainbows. We have seen so many! and double ones!
Look this lake up on google maps- The town is Petrohue( pronounced petro-way)and it is situated in a valley between the volcanoes on the western shore of a beautful lake. The town has a lodge and a black sand volcanic beach and tour boats. the water is turquoise blue. the mountains come right down to the water like a norwegian fjord. Water falls splashing into the lake - surrounded by snow capped mountains & osorno
Volcan Osorno sits between the 2 lakes- Llanqhuihue and Los Santos or All Saint's lake
Rainbow or arca iris in spanish over Volcan Calbuco
 The river coming off the lake into the ocean- a beautiful turquoise and it is snowing on the top of that mountain
 the boat dock with the Lodge behind it and the black sand beaches

 Coffee at the Lodge by the fireplace
 This was a double rainbow that appeared twice!
 The Lodge
 The awesome lake with almost no one living on it! and no roads around it- Petrohue is the end of the line down a long dirt road - glad we had 4 wheel drive!


  1. WOW!! These pictures are gorgeous! The rainbow looks like you can reach out and grab it!
    I don't know why but we are really surprised at how lovely the lodges and hotels are in the area.

  2. It all looks so beautiful! The rainbows are amazing. I would like to curl up on a cushion in that lodge with a cup of cocoa & hear all about the trip. =)

  3. Thanks, Suzi
    Hope you can come down and I can show you in person!