Sunday, August 4, 2013

Las Cascadas- the first time

Las Cascadas is a waterfall on the other side of the lake from our house. The drive was beautiful down gravel roads with dairy farms all around and the everpresent volcanoes which have been hiding lately behind the clouds. We weren't sure what to expect and this one was full od surprises and adventure! 3 km up a very rough road to the base of Volcan Osorno. We were told a 30 minute hike up to the falls - enter at your own risk! Jim has a knack for understanding languages he can't speak.
The first bridge tied together with cables - holes patched with old boards!

 The second bridge!
 And the last bridge! that's Thomas on Jim's back
 Walking up into the gorge/canyon

 Notice the lush vegetation- a cool temperate rainforest- the Valdivian rainforest as it is known here
 A smaller waterfall spilling over the sides of the canyon

 The thunder was pretty loud of the water crashing down several hundred feet to the rock floor of the canyon. The kids climbed down and got soaked by the spray


  1. WOW! The snow trip and the hike ~ so beautiful!! However, think we will stick with the bridges used in the US. :)

  2. That hike was really adventurous!! We need to see some pics of YOU fording dangerous rivers and skiing, Lori. LOLOL
    It all looks so exciting!

  3. Amazing and so much fun to see you all having the time of your lives...

  4. I don't think these bridges would pass inspection in the US - not handicap accessible - they'd be closed down!
    I did cross the bridges, Suzi, but the skiing will be in another lifetime!