Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ski Chillan

 Here is the little cabin we stayed at near Chillan.

Here is the ski resort. Pretty remote but not for Chile, I guess. 5 miles or so up a dirt road. 30 miles from the nearest town.
 Here is the slope Samuel & Andrew went down.
 Just kidding!!
 The Daddy ski lift.
 Here is where Samuel & Andrew skied down. just kidding again!
 Thomas getting a lesson from Enzo who spoke English. Yeah!

 Andrew & Samuel took snow board lessons and believe it or not despite the pictures they did spend most of the time upright!

 The bunny slope with the ski lift/ski pull on the left.

 Florencina giving Samuel & Andrew their lesson

 Volcan Calbuco from Puerto Octay

 Volcan Osorno from the cemetery in Puerto Octay

 Now this view is sunset from our porch- don't be too jealous!

Casablanca & Antillanca ski resort near lago Puyehue


  1. Thomas is so cute trying to learn lol

  2. Your pictures of the scenery are unbelievably beautiful.


  3. I love the little, quaint cabin.. Could spend my life in a place like that, with lots of gardens and orchards outside.
    ps. and a good Catholic priest nearby.....