Saturday, August 17, 2013

To the top of Osorno

Here at the Cafe Capuccini at the Teatro del Lago waiting to go in for a concert with Gil Shaham, a violinist from Israel. Tickets were $30 per person. This theater hangs out over the lake in Frutillar Bajo. Beautiful views of the lake. We usually come here for the wifi cafe. But today I want to share our pictures of our ski trip up to Volcan Osorno.
Approaching the volcano from the north side of the lake. Well maintained gravel roads with beautiful dairy farms.

 Some fox kits at a scenic overlook. They enjoyed our ham!
 Near the bottom is heavily wooded.
  The volcan is around 2652 meters high which is 8,701 feet tall.
 A radio station near the top
 The ski lodge - very simple - no fancy hotels- located at 4500 feet the lift takes you up to 5500 feet
 The lift going up Here is a link for prices on ski lift and rental

The top has a crater but it is covered by a glacier
You can climb to the top but only with a guided tour because it is very dangerous with crevasses

 Volcan Calbuco - the neighboring volcano


  1. Beautiful!! BUT is it really as cold as it looks?? Maggie

  2. It was frosty but tolerable out of the wind and in the sun!