Sunday, September 22, 2013

Farmland in Los Muermos & Puerto Godoy

We  looked at farmland near Los Muermos- very rural- the top of the property has views of the Pacific and off to the east are views of Volcan Osorno about 40 miles away. We met Helmut Muller, a chilean of german descent, at an agricultural store. He speaks great english and knows lots of farmers and who is interested in selling. This parcel is about 40-50 acres and the asking price is about 3k per acre though wee think they might take less. This is only the first property we have looked at and we don't plan on buying right away.

The view from the road - the property slopes down to the rear

Pastures on the left and a spring with a creek into the woods on the right

looking back up to the road

Then Helmut took us the 40 km to the beach down dirt roads - pretty remote!
Not even a town here only some houses 


  1. Lori! I just found your blog, thanks to the link Jim gave me! I wouldn't just stumble upon it. HaHa!

    This area of Chile is spectacular. I know you're happy to be in such a heaven.

    I told JIm that I was born in Santiago while my parents were peace corps volunteers. I will always have a love for the country of my birth, and, indeed, I have a Chilean birth certificate. Funny enough, I do joke fairly often of asserting my right to citizenship and moving there!

    I'm so very proud of you for making and executing the decision that your family thought was best for you. I will pray that you continue to be guided by supernatural wisdom. I look forward to reading and seeing more!

    And......I will leave comments! I wrote a blog this summer for our 30 day trip around the country called "Manifest Destiny, Westward we Go!" NOBODY commented. I was writing for myself and to preserve memories, but it would've been nice to have this question out there, "Is there anybody out there????"

    I posted my blogs to FB and many people told me how much they appreciated the blog, but just didn't comment!

    I can't wait to go back and read about the adventure you've already had!

    I hope you are guided to the perfect property!

    Much love and hugs!!!


    Rejoicing in Hope!

  2. Lori,
    We are blown away by the beauty of these pictures!! But what is going on with that dirt road in the pasture?!? OMG -- And I use the term "road" very loosely.

    We are so excited to see what you guys are looking at land-wise and experiencing. As you can imagine, we are incredibly jealous. =)

  3. Thanks Suzi for the comments. I sure helps me drive the blog when I get comments.

    The road on the land was just the access used by the farmer with his tractor for his cattle. We have a 4x4 car but it is not passable for the car. If we were to buy this small farm we would remove this road and put the road along the property line so that the seller would not have to drive through the middle of our property to get access to his property. On the up side did you see how rich and black the soil is? Our neighbor has dark green grass and has never, Never, fertilized other than the cow type.

    Many of the roads, public roads here are gravel. Some are washboard but a majority of them are smoother than the roads in Boiling Springs and are better maintained. You will see small and big Buses on all gravel roads, even one lane roads, which is interesting. You know that you are still on a public road (and not someone's 5 mile long drive way)because you see bus stops every so many miles.


  4. Thanks Stacy for the wonderful comments! Could you please email me at

    Jim deleted your emails before I could ask him for your address.


  5. Lori --
    We absolutely DID notice the dark soil when we were first looking at the pics. I mentioned again to Eric how stunning some of your pics are -- and he said, "and she's not even really trying..." meaning the land is just THAT beautiful. You're having to contend with cloudy weather and fog -- and still they are amazing.

  6. Suzi

    Yes it really makes it hard here to look at land, because even the slums here have killer views.

    Yes the land we looked at was nice and beautiful and after living in Upstate SC looking out the window of the house at the neighbors house 3 feet away, almost any land would be an improvement down here.

    The population here is not as sparse as we would have imagined. There are many small towns, and the country side is similar to Cherokee County where you see a house every mile or so. What makes it seem so sparse is that very few people own cars.

    Another good reason to buy a horse and carriage.


  7. Jim,

    You're making me really want to visit. :D

  8. Ok stop looking and get down here! Things are just not getting better in the usa.


  9. We were driving through the mountains yesterday in WNC...and today the weather here is cool and overcast. Between those two things, E keeps telling me how much we're going to love it there.

    Thinking of you guys!

  10. Suzi.... Jim here

    It is amazing how similar the weather is here to SC, but cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Add to that the close proximity of the ocean at 1:30 min and skiing in the Mountains at 1 hour and it is a real hard problem coming up with where to go on a Sunday drive.