Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fiestas Patrias

This week Chileans celebrate their most important patriotic festival of the year- Chile's Independence Day or Dieciocho, the 18th, for Spetember 18, the day recognized for their independence from Spain in the year 1810.  Everything is decorated with flags and their colors- red, white, & blue. They also celebrate with the national sport, the rodeo, parades, kite flying, and asados or cook outs. Traditional food would be the empanada, chicha ( a hard cider), asados (the cooking out of meats), and the Pisco ( a hard drink made from wine mixed with lemons).
We went to the rodeo in Frutillar.
The girls wear frilly dresses to dance the cueca
Clemson fans in orange?

A few things for sale including the wide brimmed hats, wool ponchos, and pin wheel size spurs that the huasos (cowboys) wear 

Notice the nice view of the mountains in the background

the object here is to pin the cow against the wall and guide him around the medialuna which is the half moon shape arena
Sorry, Jimmy, no bronco busting here!

The horses are just beautiful

Looks similar to the texan flag

The awards are given out


  1. Can't get over the fence! Doesn't look to stable. Happy Dieciocho!! :)

  2. Maggie. The fence is built leaning out and it is real strong made from steel i-beams. They have a different kind of rodeo here where they push and herd or crowd the catle. There is no roping or manhandeling. It was very interesting to watch, and try to figure out how they score points.

    Jim Dorchak

  3. Hi again!
    How far is the rodeo away from the place you were looking at land today (Muermos)? What is the driving time? Also -- how much were some of those you spurs you were bragging about? lolol

    We just got some (a lot) of information on how to build solar- and wind-powered mills. Lori -- I'll email you more info so we can send you the details --- and materials. =)


  4. Suzi

    Almost every little town has a Rodeo, but it is a beautiful 30 min relaxing drive to the other Rodeo. They are very proud of their hand made stuff here, especially in Frutiar which is a tourist town.

    Wind blows and blows here especially in the winter. On the land that we looked at above they were testing for a windmill for power generation and we would get 10% or about $15,000 a year to let them put a wind mill on our farm. Jim wants to put up his own wind mill.


  5. I'm emailing you a reply on the windmill.