Sunday, September 1, 2013

Immaculate Conception Church

Here are a few pictures I forgot to include before and on the bottom of the page is the church we have been attending.
Osorno majestically looming out of the clouds

Puerto Octay which is a small town just north of our home on the lake

4 PM is milking time and its always busy on the roads

Always little chapels on back country roads

Volcan Calbuco has the flatter top

Andrew posing with Jumbo (pronounce joom-bo)
This is the large retailer and WalMart's competitor
This is the little church we have been attending in Frutillar Bajo which is on the lake.
This is the side altar
We have not found a latin mass yet and it sure is hard to follow in spanish
and they have no missals

The choir loft and entrance
notice the vaulted ceiling is painted a light blue with gold stars all over it
nice hard wooden pews and kneelers

The other side altar
no heating in this church
makes for frosty morning Mass where you can see your breath and we all bundle up the best we can
almost seems colder in the church than outside!

The main altar
The Angelus prayer is painted near the ceiling
It goes all the way around the church painted in each alcove

Yes, the outside is pink
Pink and yellow seem to be common colors on churches in these parts


  1. Love all the church pictures.. Ya, it would be difficult to follow in Spanish. Guess I would have to read the daily readings at home everyday before going. Unbelievable beauty though. I love all the water...

  2. Love the farm pictures, too. I see the Divine Mercy pic on the outside of the church. Are the back road country chapels open to go in anytime? How about the regular churches? Are they locked at all? What kind of crime are you seeing there? When do you go on the road to tour and find a place of your own? Will you farm?

  3. Yes, we try to go over the readings before Mass. I found a spanish english missal on Amazon but i have to wait till someone comes visit to get it.
    Most chapels are not open though i noticed our church is open even where there is no Mass.
    Theft is a real problem around here. even the st anthony statue outside the church is locked up.
    Though violent crime is low.
    We have been looking around at land in different areas to see what we like but probably wont buy until next year.
    We are looking to farm just for self sufficiency.

  4. Are you meeting many Americans? Have you met any other homeschoolers?

  5. Homeschooling is not big down here and not many Americans around though we did meet one of the 2 mennonite families living in Puerto Octay. Bertha is from Pennsylvania. She just had her fourth baby. She married a chileno. I guess they must homeschool but all her children are 4 and under. Her husband is a builder and woodworker and is making a table for us.

  6. Wow. Lori, I am so glad that you are blogging. I missed saying goodbye at the restaurant,as we were coming home from Canada.I just received your address from Tonia.I have to admit I became a little emotional reading the entire post today.I am happy that you have found such a beautiful corner of God's creation to better help bind the family in shared memories and adventure.Much love to you and Jim and the kids.Eat some squid for us,Lisa & Eric

  7. Thanks for posting Lisa
    Can you email me?
    I dont have your email

  8. Hi Lori --
    What's up with the people in the Church not saying "hi," yet? That seems odd. I guess having services in a building that is that cold means you stay awake. =)

    The pictures you've posted are stunning. They look like postcards. We all really loved the picture of the cows crossing the road with their full udders. =)

    How is the car holding up? How much is fuel? Are the same grades of fuel there as we are used to? What's the deal on shipping cars into the country? We did so mucy research on Uruguay -- but I haven't checked the requirements for Chile, yet.

    We love your information/pics... and we pray for you daily.
    Eric, Suzi & John (Eric's Dad)

  9. The car is doing great. Jim loves it. Gas is expensive around $6 per gallon (ouch!) We are really hoping that Eric can get us going with the still.
    Same grades of fuel. Not allowed to bring in anything into Chile with a motor.Used car prices are high also.
    Thanks for your prayers!