Friday, October 4, 2013


Hola from Frutillar
We are so happy to be here!
 Frutillar (pronounce froo-tee-yar) is a small town about 15 minutes away from home. We do most of our shopping here and go to church here. It has two parts Alto (high) and Bajo (low). Alto is just another little chilean town - somewhat dumpy but not too bad. It has 2 gas stations and 3 grocery stores and lots of little local shops. The Bajo part is the best though. It is on the lake and quite charming. The Teatro Del Lago is here as well as our church. It caters to the tourists with many artisanal shops, a german museum (different from the one I posted on last week), and many restaurants and kuchen bakeries, B&B's, cabanas, and hostels.
A nice covered pier out into the lake next to the theater
Teatro Del Lago hangs out over the lake
This theater competes with Santiago in the top notch performers they attract
They have a big summer music festival in february

The walk around the lakeside of the theater

The Cafe Cappucini inside the theater where we hang out for the best Wi-Fi and cappucino with incredible views of the lake and volcanoes

My favorite place - Kuchenladen
Curbside is the bakery case in the former garage
You can go inside and they have a little cafe where you can peak into the kitchen and see where they make all the tortas, kuchen, and galletas(cookies). Every Sunday we buy a big bag of mixed cookies which are outstandingly good and we fight over who gets the best ones! I love the macaroons the best but so does everybody else

Lots of little artesanal shops and outdoor cafes

German style hostel 

The Clock restaurant is supposed to be good

Another street view along the lake with a park and beach to the right 

The Museo Aleman Colonia
German colonial museum

Lots of german style


  1. How wonderful! I love the views! I'd love the galletas! Fortunately it seems like there are plenty of great places to get a good cross country run in!!

  2. This is the place to be outside
    walking - hiking - kayaking- fishing
    they do have a marathon in Puerto Varas for runners and I have noticed more bikers as the weather is warming up
    And everywhere are the beautiful views of the lake and volcanoes

  3. Love the German influence..Place looks amazing especially with the volcano in he background in every photo. I amsure Spanish and German will both be an assett there.

  4. Eric

    Thomas and I to the farm supply shop to get some sheep meds and a nice lady was trying to talk to shy Thomas who would not cooperate. She first said Hola, then Spreck en zie, the Hello it was an interesting progression and of course Thomas said nothing!

  5. Awesome. Looks like Bavaria...

  6. I agree with Benson ^^.

    These pictures are just so beautiful. I think I see "swings" and kid stuff in the street shot, with the park on the right. With a 20 mos old, I'm really interested in that kind of stuff. =) Your description of the boys getting jobs already is amazing to us. How wonderful! They will be assimilated into the trade segment (if needed) by the time they graduate. Seeing what you said about the lack of technical skills in the area that would be huge.

    Also -- I am so happy Lori is enjoying her time and the beautiful views. It is so peaceful for the soul to be in that kind of situation.


  7. You are right, Suzi.
    I've always loved nature and this beautiful setting has helped me unwind and destress from the frantic lifestyle of working in the US. It has brought us a lot of peace and joy.

  8. Everything looks like a puput golf course..