Friday, October 18, 2013

Museo Colonial Aleman Frutillar

Yes, another german museum! This one is in our favorite little town of Frutillar Bajo. You may remember a picture of it from the street in my post about this town. This museum is 4 buildings constructed  like the originals.

A little covered wagon to carry your goodies into the wild of Patagonia and here's my goodie!

One the first buildings was always the mill so people could grind their grains which was a staple food.

The mill wheel does not turn anymore.

The other side of the mill

The mill stone has grooves so the flour could come out. Then it was sifted for fineness.

This round barn is the threshing house so they could thresh even when it was raining which it does quite frequently

I'd love to go for  ride in this!

 Cool roof!

 An apple press for making cider (chicha)

And this is for digging up potatoes
You can see the forks on the bottom right hand side of the machine

lovely spring flowers!

The blacksmith's house

 An old fashioned coffee grinder
 I thought the stove top was interesting
from the left is a warming casserole dish- a pitcher - a very heavy iron!
a tea kettle - a pitcher with mug on top - and a very beautiful waffle iron
 This little woodstove heats the whole house
the stove pipe runs through the second floor to the roof and heats the bedroom
The blacksmith shop is underneath the house

the lovely knot garden with herbs and flowers
the view from up the hill
that's Osorno in those clouds on the bottom left

 the well to do farmer's house on the hill

nice enclosed porch with nice views of the lake


  1. Lori says she wants me to build the same house for her. I told her ok but only one story. I do not like stairs.

    It was very nice. Jim

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I really would enjoy that place...
    Thank you!

  3. I just can't get over how much this place reminds me of Bavaria. Das ist sehr Gut!