Thursday, November 21, 2013

A short update

All is GOOD! Check out the sheep in background. I'm trying to get them used to the grill if you know what I mean.
Yes, we have been having internet problems again but there is always hope! We sent all the way from China via my sister's house in Florida for a small part that would allow us to use only our own internet modem at our neighbor's house and it didn't work!!! and our kindly neighbors are tired of us using all their internet up. So while Andrew and I are at the cafe for his algebra online tutoring session the internet guys are at the house with a new antenna and some different options for us. We pray it works out.
Jim's interview with the Rain-X guys in Santiago went very well and we are hoping to be in business by March or April.
Emily is coming down for 3 weeks in December. She is super excited and so are we. I can't wait to show her around this awesome place!
Jimmy lost his job making tables and counters for Applebee's because the chain restaurant had a bad last quarter and had to cut back. The economy still appears to be struggling and he can't find another job just a part time job working in an race car shop. So he is getting things in order for us and helping us get a last few things for our container and he will be moving down in Jan/Feb to help us run our Rain-X business. I made him commit for 3 months and if he doesn't like it he can go back.
As I mentioned, our container is still in Boiling Springs. Jim has a few tools he needs to purchase that are exboritantly expensive in Chile and then we will ship it down in January or so. He has found a port closer to us than Santiago and he has found a customs agent to help us through customs. The truck shipping from Concepcion to Puerto Octay will be much cheaper than from San Antonio which is near Santaiago and Valparaiso.
Samuel and Andrew are now working 2 days a week at a local restaurant called the Scarecrow in espanol it is Espantaparajos (what a tongue twister) it took us weeks to wrap our tongues around that one! They are working in the garden pulling weeds for about $2.50 per hour which is the going rate.
Good grief- how do you live on that with the cost of living being so high! And it cost the 5 of us over $120 to eat there! They are still working at the woodworking shop the other afternoons as apprentices.
Samuel really enjoys this as he has a keen interest in woodworking.
We had a big southern BBQ for the whole Mennonite church last Sunday on our new grill and a picnic table that Jim made.  Here are some more pictures from the cook out.
Meat and Onions are Done
We had a lovely time and I have made some nice new friends. Not that I don't love my old ones but most of them won't even email me!
God Bless
Guillermo and Jim Cutting meat. Dinner is served.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Flambeaux. We have been a little strapped for time on the internet so I have not had the time to reply to Stacy fully and you as well from the prior post. Gove me some time and I will give an update there as well.


  2. Take all the time you need, Jim. You've got important things you're busy with. I'm just working in my grey-walled cube. :)

  3. Great update. Thanks for sharing. Continued best wishes for y'all.

  4. Thanks Benson for the nice comments and for the Email.

    Looks like we have our internet problems fixed if the company we have contracted with pan out. On Wednesday they come to install the internet. It is a guaranteed speed, and unlimited plan. which is different than the current plan that is a quota plan.

    Wish us luck


  5. I have loved reading all your posts....I want to come be your neighbor :D and if I had e-mail there, I would message you! I would probably just come over with a cup of coffee/hot tea and chat. Take care Ya'll! God bless! Lisa M.

  6. I ditto the previous comment.. Would love to be neighbors... Although we are enjoying the weather here in SC compared to our weather at our previous farm in NW pa, we still think there is too much traffic here in Charleston.. Soemthing we just werent use to living as rural as we were.. Still havent received the birth certificate we ordered 2 weeks ago so we can get our passports. Will call about that again tomorrow... grrr
    Sure am missing my sheep when I see yours.
    You are all doing a great job down there.. Keep up the good work..

  7. Hello Jackie

    Yes the traffic in Charleston is horrendous. I remember it well and I am sure I have spent years at a dead stop on I-26.
    We are doing well and are happy for the great comments. keep up the efforts on the paper work.


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