Monday, November 4, 2013

The Most Important Post "THE SMOKER GRILL"

The tale of Glorious, Smoked, Tasty, Juicy, Tender Goodness of the GRILL!
Here is the Grill as it arrived assembled on site
Ok three confessions:
1. I like to cook
2. I like to eat (bless me father for I have sinned...... again)
3. I spent too much money on the grill (i do not think so but Lori made me add this... $400.00)

Down here in Chile the Chileanos cook out on a Parilla or Assado. This is much different than in the USA in that they do not really have the same type of grills that are found in the USA. They do have these little Hibachi type grills that they call Parillas that are like little "Easy Bake Ovens" (remember those:), that are made of tin foil and would likely fall apart or be scrunched into a pile of scrap foil under the weight of true MEAT! 
No little meat on a stick or simple buffalo wings would suffice in my thought as a justified meal worthy of a cattle or sheep farmers fork and knife. So with the prospect of having no good choice for a grill and with my propensity to cook all forms of yumminess, I found it Necesito or necessary to have a proper grill manufactured. 
This is again where the Mennonites came into play as one of them named Ernest is an artist at welding and a Texan at that, and everyone knows Texans love to eat MEAT. So we had the motive and the means for the crime and all that was needed were the tools and the supplies. So below are the results:

One of our Mennointe friends John and I and a look at the rear of the grill. With smoker grills lid weight is always the problem. The Mennonites designed a lid counter weight system made from an old leaf spring and it works perfect, even Thomas can open the lid.
All painted up and ready to be used

A Large Pig on the grill will fit fine (Andrew)

Side View, see the door for the hot coals and the chain on the door can be used to control the air intake.

Thomas the Monkey on the grill

If you look close you will see Ernest the welding artist who made the grill
All in all I am extremely pleased with how it turned out. I made the design so I kind of knew what I wanted and needed to get a good smoker grill that I could also use as a regular grill to cook burgers, hot dogs or chicken without compromising the smoker qualities.

Also there is an issue here in Chile that they hand make their charcoal which is called CARBON. Carbon can be expensive by the bag, as most manufactured items are here in Chile, so I chose to sort of make my own. When I grill I use fire wood which is readily available and easily burned down to make hot smoking coals that I can shovel into the side door of the grill. Ernest has made me a custom shovel that I will attach to a 6 foot pole to so that I can spread the coals all the way from one end to another of the 5 foot grill.

I did not put wheels on the grill or make it a tow behind because I did not want to spend the Pesos right now and it also makes it a lot harder to steal. I would expect to pay about $2,500 for this grill in the USA as it looked on the day of delivery, so I think it was a pretty good deal, especially since we eat outside on the grill a whole lot. Also fire wood is a lot cheaper than natural gas is to cook with. The best part is that this grill will likely last for generations as it is made of really thick steel, and the bottom is disposable and easily replaced.

We did cook on it Saturday last. We made BBQd ribs and whole chickens and it was fantastic! (sorry no pictures as we eat up the evidence quickly) It cooked perfectly with no hot spots, good heat control, excellent smoking qualities and overall ease of use. We are very satisfied with the new grill. Thank you to our wonderful friends the Mennonites (Ernest the grill and Guillermo for the cutting board and handles) and thank Y'all for stopping by the blog. Now all you have to do is stop by for dinner.

We have an accompanying 10 foot picnic table with benches that will go along side the grill that is almost complete. We hope to have the whole Mennonite community over for dinner / cook out when everything is in place, and we will post some pictures of that event when the time comes....... Jim


  1. Maybe you can have a party when I come visit. Only 38 more days.

  2. We made dinner for our host family on Saturday last on the new grill. I made BBQ ribs and whole chickens and it was so good it was terrible. Mommy even likes it! I started to spend the night out beside it I like it so much, but I love your mother more:)


  3. Awesome, Jim!
    Thanks for sharing. That is an impressive grill.

  4. We had Entrecote or T-Bone steaks the other night and they were delightful. Good heat and easily maintained. Just a joy to cook with good equipment.


  5. The blacksmith in you must love everything about that grill. Real metal...awesome. Eric really likes it. =)