Monday, December 2, 2013

A few of our favorite things .....

Number 1
The awesome sunsets in the east!
No, the sun doesn't set in the east here but when it sets the eastern mountain range becomes a range of purples, pinks & blues. Quite enchanting especially when the moon is rising.
These are taken from our front porch.

Number 2
The nectar of the gods

Raspberry juice for under $3
Life is good
Don't worry Emily, I'll stock up before you get here!

Number 3 
The fresh produce

Fast food here is stopping by the neighborhood mercadito and picking up some fresh vegies for dinner
It is so much easier than a grocery store when you can park curbside and go right in and most of the display is on the sidewalk
Much of it is local
The flavors are sweet and fabulous 

Number 4
The people 
The people are friendly and welcoming
This picture was taken at our first BBQ when we hosted the Mennonite church of 30+ people
at our home with dinner on  Jim's new grill - a real southern BBQ
Chilean people are generally reserved, quiet, genial people
Not as outwardly friendly as southerners but always generous and helpful
Overall, Chileans are happy and simple people

Number 5
The country life
We love the farms and the animals and look forward to having our own someday
We love the wide open pastures and all that fresh Patagonian air!


  1. Great Stuff!

    Ray L

  2. Thanks Ray.

    Jim looks forward to you coming down some day.

    God bless.


  3. What a "happy" post. Looks like you had beautiful weather for the BBQ. What are the temps like, now?

  4. Suzie

    It is very nice here in the 70s to 80s with a cool breeze coming from Antarctica. The air here is so fresh and clean and clear. They joke that it has never been breathed before by man.

    The sun is out every day here with the mornings sometimes being overcast and then clearing up in mid morning followed by lots of sun.