Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Emily has arrived!

Yes, my dear daughter made it all the way from Anderson,SC to Puerto Montt, Chile without a problem. She enjoys being an international traveler though it was a 24 hour trip door to door.
The weather here has finally warmed up and we had a delightful cookout for her first day here.
The next day,Sunday, was election day so most things were closed- not because it was sunday but because it was election day. Michelle Bachelet won, we are sorry to say. She has been president before and is known for her communista cronies and government programs which include some educational reforms since the public education system is poor but this means corporate tax hikes to pay for it. We are a bit worried but not as much as we are worried about corrupt american politics.
Anyway, Emily went swimming in the lake which is pretty chilly and got sunburned! and then we celebrated Samuel's 17th birthday. My, he is getting old!
On Monday, we went to Lago Todos Los Santos and the town of Petrohue. We visited last winter and the rain and snow made it a magical, mystical place. This time it was quite beautiful but was living up to its name. Petrohue in Mapuche indian language means the place of the flies. For about 4 weeks in Dec/Jan the place is buzzing with these large horseflies and with the red on their bodies they look quite diabolical. They were really going after Emily so we didn't stay long but headed up the volcano Osorno.

  They wouldn't be so bad if they didn't bite!

The ski lodge on top of Osorno is open year round but in the summer you can ride up the ski lift to enjoy the views as the snow line has shrunk considerably and is well above the highest point of the ski lift. The warm sun has melted the icy cone of the volcano causing large crevasses so it is pretty dangerous to climb above the ice line.
Emily is a great photographer with my Nikon which I gave to her for her AU classes so we will post some of her pics later this week.


  1. Glad she made it safe and I hope you guys enjoy each other's company and have a very Merry Christmas (don't tell anyone in Amerika that I did that, they might come for me!) If I can ever be of help to Emily while she is still here in Anderson, let me know!


  2. Merry Christmas Ray

    Emily has one more semester at AU and then it is graduation day. Things are going well here and we have moved forward on our residency process since we got our paperwork now from Emily.


  3. I prayed she would get there without problem. Thank god for protecting her. She is a fine young woman and I am sure you are very proud of her accomplishments. I found a pretty health care deal you might tell Emily about. Sounds super affordable. Like a Dr. On call 24 hours that can call you in Meds to your local pharmacy. I am thinking about getting it just for the ease of care and not having to go to a DR office in Mid flu season. Check it out at controlmycare.com.. Ski lift photos were really cool. Most folks only dream of doing this kind of thing. Who knew just a year ago when we were driving around Uruguay that you would actually be in Chile now. Check out this item # at harbor freight. You can't import an engine but you could bring this piece and mary it up to an engine there and run your whole house with this. #45416 http://www.harborfreight.com


  4. Thank for the very kind words Eric. You remember how beautful Uruguay was and the days we spent relaxing as we drove through the country side looking for a new place to call home for our families? Rest assured when i look here for Lori's and my new home i look with my left eye (the bad one) and i use my right eye (my good eye) to look for you and Suzie and some others i pray as well. What i have seen with both eyes combined is too peaceful, too beautiful to describe. I have found our new place to call home in Chile. Now the hard part comes in deciding which parcel. They are all so perfect.


  5. Your words are lovely to read. I feel like are dreams are getting closer and closer to becoming reality. Now that you have the internet issue worked out, for us that is a huge leap forward in how to make this all happen.

    We miss you guys!

  6. Thank you Suzi Lori and I are praying hard that you can get here soon.