Monday, December 2, 2013

Holidays & Holy Days

Holidays are a bit different here. They have some obscure catholic/saint holidays when all the stores & banks are closed but no one goes to church. Of course, they don't have Thanksgiving but we did celebrate that special day with our American friends as we have so much to be thankful for!

We also celebrated All Saint's/All Souls day with our American host family who came down from Santiago to spend the weekend with us. We had a dress up as your favorite saint plus some games and fun!
The donut game

Bobbing for apples

Birds in the tree

Now we are getting ready for Advent and Christmas. And I can't believe I have done 2 things I've never done before- first I bought a fake tree. they just don't sell live trees here. and second I put it up Thanksgiving weekend. Thomas was just too excited.

Here is the Advent wreath I made from scratch- You'd be proud of me, Mom!
Just some branches Thomas cut from the yard and some electrical wire

Not bad for $10 - Thomas put it together and decorated it plus he's even been making some gifts for Emily
Won't she be surprised!
Thomas is very industrious!


  1. No Gaudete candle? I guess pink candles are a little hard to come by! Good news is (if it's anything like Central America there), you'll get to leave the tree up all the way through January. And, since it's fake, no worries about shedding or a fire. :) Hope y'all have a good Advent!

  2. While we do have candles here, the selection is not great and I did not have candle holders so we had to make do! Sorry, Benson- you are a stickler for details! :)