Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sheep shearing day

We have a total of 3 female sheep or ewes. One of them is a problem kid, if you know what I mean. She is the poorest of the 3 and is always the one to run the opposite direction when you chase them. She is the first one to try and climb through the fence. In addition she has a bum foot that I have to doctor all the time. She will also be the first one I put on the grill. I bought the sheep to cut the grass, but I could use about 10 more to do the job, in order to keep Samuel and Andrew from cutting the grass, besides I can not eat them, Samuel and Andrew that is, although I am not sure which smell worse the boys or the sheep. One thing is certain: the sheep complain less, cost less, sleep less, eat less, do not use my internet and computer all night, and help around the yard more
Jim is happiest when working with animals and sheep are really easy to work with. They are small and not really strong and when you flip them on their back they will just lay there like a big baby. Jim bought some hand shears and after watching many how to videos started clipping away.

He started on the belly and hind because it was really caked with dirt and manure because their last home was a  dirt yard where they got very muddy

Here you can see the beautiful clean wool on the top. It was very oily with lanolin.

Almost done!
It took maybe an hour since it was Jim's first time. Only a few knicks on the lamb's belly.

Already dirty again! on her front leg, the lanolin makes the dirt stick to the wool
Look at her round belly- we are not sure if they are pregnant or not but they are a lot fatter than when we got them.

One bag full! And i found a friend who is going to show me how to card and spin the wool! But first it will need some washing. This is probably not the best quality wool as we think these sheep are for meat and not wool. Chileans love a leg of lamb especially at Christmas.
Here is Thomas hard at work with his homemade weedeater wacking weeds on the small hill in the yard

Lambpie on the left and Lambchop on the right
Sad thing is, I don't even really like to eat lamb

This bush looks like a scotch broom for you horticulturists. This tree is so yellow it almost glows at night outside our window.

The fields and roadsides here are covered in buttercups and dandelions and daisies


  1. Love the pics of the flowers! I was really surprised that Jim used real shears for the lambs...but it looks like he did a great job!

  2. lets just say that I am not going to open a sheep barber shop any time soon. I thought that it would just be cheaper and better for me to use the hand clippers. Besides my hands need the exercise as it helps from the atrophy from the bars in my neck.