Friday, January 3, 2014

emily & jimmy

Emily left today to fly back home. She is flying from Puerto Montt which is 45 minutes from our house to Santiago. Then she is catching the overnight flight to Miami and then a flight into Atlanta and a 2hour drive to Anderson. Her classes start next Tuesday for her last semester. She's got some real difficult classes like photography, yoga, and underwater basket weaving. We had a great time together and hope she'll be back after graduation and before she embarks on her new career.
Jimmy signed up for the Air Force today and we are so glad for him. He's really been struggling to find a good job since graduation. He had one for a little bit but then lost it because of the poor economy. Now he'll get to call Obama his commander in chief
Good grief! But we are happy that he'll have some good opportunities,some focus, and discipline, and A purpose in life. We'll keep you posted on how this progresses. He takes the ASVAB on January 13 then he could leave for basic by Feb.1.

P.S: Emily has reached the USA in good order and said she has had a wonderful time. By the way, she affirmed that LAN airline was so far superior to American Airline that it was almost night and day! The lesson to all of you DO NOT  BOOK ON AMERICAN AIRLINES unless you have no other choice.


  1. Wow 19k per acre that far out is too much.. They must be smoking chicken feathers. At least you got some fresh air and had a nice day trip. Amazing views!

  2. Yea you may be right, but due to all the other factors the property was not right.