Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Beautiful, just Beautiful Mass Today

 We call this getting our Spiritual Oil Change! Oh how we missed the Mass.....
A Beautiful New Church Built 2013
This is the Altar, note that it is where it should be!

This was the solid Limestone pulpit or Ambo

Here is a picture from right after the elevation
3 Priests at this Mass
This was like the first Mass we have been to in Chile. We have been to mass every Sunday we have been here since 10 July 2013, but this was REAL MASS not good time, funky banana, rock and roll. It was total Gregorian Chant and beauty. The priest at this Mass has a perfect voice and his chant skills were superior to any I have ever heard before. He even overshadows Father Novak. 

Lori and I were both in tears at the beauty. The people were properly dressed, attentive and knew the Mass which was sung. The silence was from heaven. The church as perfect, it even had a large banquet hall below it where they were preparing a dinner (wine and bread on each table with real plates and silverware. There was a large crowd attending from after Mass).  There was a large rectory attached to the church where the priests were in residence.

We sure will miss this when we go south in one week. There is no Latin Mass in the South. The Mass is only available in Santiago.

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  1. You need to record the Greg. chant for us to hear, so we can experience this stuff with you :D

    God bless,