Sunday, February 23, 2014

My new coffeepot!

You are going to be so jealous, Bertha!
My favorite refurbished percolator coffeepot, the only appliance I brought down in my suitcase, met an untimely end much to my sorrow. And I was resistant to buying another because nothing could ever hold such a nostalgic place in my heart. It was white ceramic with a blue cornflower. The style my Mom had back in the 1960's.
Well, we were just not adjusting well to the Nescafe, the coffee of choice in Chile, so Jim talked me into buying this Italian beauty.

Isn't it a beauty? and you wouldn't believe how good the coffee is. Italians know how to make good coffee! stove top - double filtered percolator- and only 17K pesos or $34
You'll have to come over for coffee!


  1. I will be right over for my cup of coffee! Just so long as it doesn't decide that it would be the apropriate time to malfunction..... as in spilling over at the wrong time ;-) So glad you can now have "real" coffee :-)

  2. I love Italian moka pots. They make fantastic coffee. :D

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Come on over for Coffee!

    We sure have missed our coffee pot. To Lori it was like the loss of a friend. Well I talked her into letting me spend some $$ on this one and it sure has cheered up our mornings. The pot makes wonderful coffee. I have never heard of one these pots, so it is new for us for sure and it was a good purchase.


  4. Me too, me too! I'll bring my cup :)