Sunday, February 23, 2014

Santiago Part 2

Here are a few views from around town. Mostly taken from the car as we are zipping around so please excuse the odd angles and blurry images.

La Moneda is the office of the president and it was being prepared for the inauguration of the new president, Michelle Bachelet.

The Entel tower which is the biggest cell phone company

Construction everywhere - condos and office buildings
Costanera Center Sep. 13.jpg
Here is a picture I got off wikipedia of the Gran Torre Santiago
It should be completed this year. It was begun in 2006 and despite some rumors we heard that it was structurally unsound, it survived the 2010 earthquake with flying colors.

The downtown area and on the right is the Gran Torre Santiago which is the tallest building in South America at 984 ft with 64 floors + 6 basements  and 24 elevators. It is part of the Costanera Center which includes a 6 story mall and 2 hotels.

The eastern side of Santiago is growing up into the hills of the Andes

Heading east on the highway towards Las Condes and home you can see the snow capped mountains just below the clouds.

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