Sunday, February 23, 2014

St Teresa de los Andes

Jim and I have been watching the chilean movie on this saint done in spanish with english subtitles. It was very long but very interesting. At a very young age, she had a great devotion to Jesus. She became a carmelite nun at the age of 18 and died at the age of 20 of typhus in 1920. Her total love and devotion to God are great example for us all.
We visited the convent and chapel where her tomb is located. It is 1 1/2 hrs north of Santiago in Rinconada near Los Andes. There was very little information available even in Spanish but from talking with a lady in the parking lot we discovered that the actual convent she lived in is in the town of Los Andes nearby. There were so many people coming to visit her tomb that someone donated this land to the carmelites so they could move the cloister and the tomb to this location.

Snow capped mountains nearby even in the summer heat

Vineyards in the arid climate

The chapel 

The crypt with her tomb in the center

the view from the  front of the church

the monastery which houses 15 carmelite nuns

St Teresa, pray for us!

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