Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New sheep

Yesterday we went out to a nearby fundo to buy a few more sheep. Thomas picked out these 2 cute females. They are less than a year old and pretty dirty so first we had to wash them.
This time we used hot water from inside instead of the pressure washer
Look at that cute face!

Here are our older sheep checking out the new additions

Just the right size for our farmer boy to train

Help us name our new lambs
Please leave your ideas in the comments!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gone fishin' Part 1

Today we walked out to the point to go fishing. There seems to be better fishing here than in the cove.
The walk is pretty nice - first we walk through a big field with grass taller than Thomas.

The field is bordered with brambles that are covered with berries

You can just stand there and gorge yourself on succulent blackberries

Look how big they are!
Then a walk through the woods on a trail that looks like it used to be a road
It's pretty steep at the end when you come down to the lake

This is on the island

This is the island - you can easily walk over when the lake is low in the summer
See Gone fishin' Part 2 for a close up look at the island and cool rock formations.