Saturday, March 29, 2014

Father L Visits Chile

Father L at thr river near Petrohue Chile
We have a good friend who is a Catholic Priest and pastor of a large parish in South Carolina, Father L. who came down to visit with us for 8 days. He was kind enough to say Mass for us at Puerto Octay and hear our confessions.
On way to Las Cascadas on our favoirite road
We were able to take him to see the sights and do a little touring. It is always wonderful to have any excuse to go see these beautiful places. Who are we to complain. Of course we can always just look out the window of the house..... it never gets old.

On Volcano Osorno

Lori was able to make a Panorama from the top CLICK ON THE PICTURE

Of course we are on top of the volcano in these pictures about 3/4 of the way to the top. So the pictures show the view from the mountain. Notice the black ash at our feet, The last time Osorno erupted was in 1860. We can see the volcano from our house in Quilanto which is 24.8 miles away as the crow flies. To get to the volcano we have to drive around Lago Llanquihue which rests between our house and the snow capped volcano. This is a day trip when you add the other sights that simply must be seen along the way.

We were able to go to Chiloe for the day which is a large costal Island south of Puerto Mont. You have to take a ferry for 30 min accross the channel to the island which costs about $40 for a car.
Here we are on ferry to Chiloe
On Chiloe there is a tour of the historic Churches that were built by the Jesuits in the 1700s to 1800s. Many are still in use today but they are all very beautiful to see as they have really intricate and beautiful wood work that survives today.
One of the churches in Chiloe we saw
Several of the churches were restored and below is one of them. Unfortunately we were not able to get into many of the churches as they were closed. The tour site says that all the churches are open all day, well they are not open!
Another Chiloe Church
It was such,  a nice time we had having Father L as our guest, and in may ways he started us on our journey to Chile back in 1995 in Gaffney ,South Carolina. When we went to a Mass where he was the pastor it was like a breath of fresh air. We have remained all these years friends and we loved having him visit. Now we need to schedule him to come back. You know I think he needed and found a good peaceful rest here in Chile.


  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. Looks like y'all had a very good time. Glad Father was able to get some R&R.

  2. Yea Chris it sure was nice having him here. We hope he can come back and see us.