Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New sheep

Yesterday we went out to a nearby fundo to buy a few more sheep. Thomas picked out these 2 cute females. They are less than a year old and pretty dirty so first we had to wash them.
This time we used hot water from inside instead of the pressure washer
Look at that cute face!

Here are our older sheep checking out the new additions

Just the right size for our farmer boy to train

Help us name our new lambs
Please leave your ideas in the comments!


  1. I think you should name them Merry and Pippin after the two hobbits in Lord of the Rings ;-)

  2. I really like Bertha's suggestion on the names. That is a cute, furry face. :)

  3. yes we have chosen to go with Pipin and Mary.

    Lori and Thomas claim to know which is which but I think that they are just pulling my leg.

    they are much tamer though and a delight to be around as opposed to the old one who is only now a delight to be around that she is in the freezer.