Saturday, March 1, 2014

Washing Day the old fashioned way

Well, down here in Chile we like to do things the old fashioned way. I have 2 large bed comforters that are too large for the washing machine so I got the sheep watering tub out and washed them using my homemade agitator.

How do you start this model?
Found the button!  This is the wash/agitator cycle
And when the cycle is done you can use it like a hot tub
It was a sunny breezy day and I had this comforter from sopping wet to on the bed in one afternoon.


  1. That's the cutest homemade agitador i have ever seen! Where can I get one of them? !

  2. You already have 3 and one half at your house, with beautiful brown eyes and pretty smiles:)

    But you are more than welcome to borrow ours any time.


  3. Yea, I'll bet my 3 would love a chance like that :-) there would be sure to be more then enought giggles to really stir things up!

  4. I love it!! He is so big now, must be all of that crisp clean air!!

    Bless you all, from Bethune Jim and Lori clan

    1. We are going to have to card a lot more wool now that we have a new lamb. Thanks for coming by and please go check out the YouTube channel at:

      We sure do appreciate and need comments. Thanks