Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Container is On The Way

Truck infront of house in Boiling Springs

Squeezing into back yard

Loading and leaving to go to Charleston SC
Our container has been picked up in South Carolina at our house in Boiling Springs. It was delivered to the Port of Charleston and loaded on the container ship MSC Florida which can be followed here.


The ship will pass from port to port on its way to the Panama Canal and then pass south trough the south Pacific down to the Port of Coronel or Conception. The bill of lading indicates that the ship will arrive on 20 April 2014, bu this is an estimate as there could be hold overs due to sea conditions and port delays along the way. So 20 April is just an estimated time of arrival. After the container arrives I will likely be going up to the port to recieve it with the shipping agent.

This is the tricky part as we will see if the customs oficers fine me or charge me a tax on any of the contents. They also can detain the container for any number of reasons in which case I would be charged port storage fees which can mont up quickly. So say a prayer that it all goes smoothly and gets passed through customs and the port.

The trucking company that I contacted last november has changed their minds on the price that they will charge me to bring the container south. They have doubled their price, so I am getting additional quotes on the shipping and delivery to our house here in the south.  Either way is ok as I have the funds to get it here in good order.


  1. Awesome news, Jim!
    Praying it arrives safe and sound and you can sort out affordable transportation for the container once it arrives.

  2. Thanks Chris. I have two trucking leads to follow today.