Thursday, April 24, 2014

Going public and about us

Up to this point the blog has been private. It did not show up on search engines and you could only find it by typing in the address. It was written so family and friends could keep up with our travels.
This blog has been successful in that we still get a bit of traffic and it has a lot of very useful information especially for someone who might be interested in moving to Chile or just to see what Chile is like. There is not a whole lot of info out there on this topic so we have decided to go public and all comments will be moderated so you may not see your comment pop up instantly.

Volcan Yates from the island of Chiloe
And now for new visitors, here is a bit about us.
We moved down to Chile in July of 2013 at the invitation of some friends to use their vacation home as long as we need. Five of us came down, Jim and Lori plus kids Samuel, 17 and Andrew, 15 and Thomas, 6. We left 2 grown children in the US. We are catholic homeschoolers and entrepreneurs. Fed up with the economy, over regulation, corruption, and cultural sespool, we decided to pursue our dream of living in a remote location and off the grid. We are currently looking for our dream property here in southern Chile where we can homestead and live off the land.
Tomorrow, Friday April 25, Jim is going to Concepcion to meet with customs agents to check our container.
Please pray it goes well and we dont have any extra fees! Jim will be posting more about this venture next week.
Update Since we are going to be so busy unpacking our container, I thought I would let you know that our customs check went great and the container should be pulling into our yard by Saturday, April 26, afternoon. When we get settled, we will have an informative post about the process with pictures and maybe even a video!


  1. Great news on the container, I'm sure that was a relief! It was good to talk with Jim the other day. Best of luck to you guys. Stay in touch!


  2. Praying. Hope y'all can get settled soon.

  3. Deo gratias!
    Very glad the customs check went well.

    Continuing to pray for y'all and looking forward to the updates as y'all can post them.

  4. So glad everything went well for you all!

    1. Thanks Palmer. We are back on the internet now!