Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gone fishing Part 2 or Holes in my Island

A beautiful sunrise over the Andes and through the clouds
The sun doesn't rise until 8 so now we can enjoy it!
I have long given up getting up early!

I am so fascinated by the rock formations at our favorite fishing point. I posted some photos on a geology forum online and got some interesting answers. So here are some photos and explanations of what we are seeing.
These are on the island and are called potholes. They are formed by rocks swirling around in eddies to form these perfectly symmetrical holes. The puzzler was where did this rushing water come from being on the edge of a lake
We think the creek in our ravine used to be a river and the island is at the mouth of the cove where our creek runs out
It appears all the bedrock around here including our island are made of shale which is a very soft sedimentary rock
You can see this more easily on the cliffsides of the ravine especially where there has been a small avalanche

These holes are on the lake side of the island
They are not as symmetrically round but probably formed from the washing of lake waves as this rock is a very soft shale. You can scratch it with a fingernail

These fascinating  rocks on the beach are formed in layers and have been washed away by rain and waves
A lot  of the rocks on this beach look like lava that has been frozen with other rocks embedded in it
This is probably formed from lahar which is a slurry of mud and rocks coming off a volcano

No bites today but we could see some large fish chasing our lure!
The water is very clear

More lahar
You can see all these harder rocks buried in the lahar

Our shale island


  1. Beautiful!

    Jim, may you and your family have a blessed and fruitful Triduum.

  2. Same to you Chris! When are you and the clan coming to visit?

    I was thinking about creating a Youtube channel what do you think? It would be all about Chile and homesteading.

  3. Not sure. Have to get through the birth of the next baby in a few weeks. Then I'll need to accrue some vacation time. :(

    Hoping I can get down there to visit before the next POTUS election.

    YouTube Channel could be interesting. There's a lot y'all are doing and some DIY advice would be appreciated.

  4. What child number is this?

    My son Andrew says the name Andrew is a good choice if you have not used it already!

    I will let you know when the page is channel is up and going.


  5. 7th
    Still prayerfully discerning a name so the suggestion is appreciated.

  6. Great!
    You will have one up on us! We pray all will go well and everyone will be healthy.


  7. What a lovely sunrise. I like that next to last pic...is that metamorphic rock...with the curves. Looks like from compression.

    1. Thanks Suzi. Not every day is like this especially in winter but it is still beautiful here no matter what the weather.