Thursday, May 22, 2014

Basics of Shopping in Chile

Here are two videos that show a basic overview of shopping in Chile.

The first video is of a trip to Jumbo which is a large Walmart type super store that sells everything. This Jumbo is located in Osorno at the big Mall which is a total of 3 stories, not including the basement parking garages.

The second video is where I visited an egg store called Huevos De Talca, or "Eggs of Talca". This place sells ONLY eggs.

You see here in Chile the super store thingey is a pretty new concept. For most everything you want, you will have to go to individual stores. An egg store does not sell butter. A fabric shop does not sell thread and on and on. There are some stores that are kind of catch all stores, and there are a lot of them, but this is a hit and miss deal since you do not know what they carry. You may go in the door looking for batteries and see vise grips and beside this item is candy bars, hair dryers, liquor, and sun glasses, but it is touted as a battery store. Remember this is not a five and dime type place or a hardware store it is a "Battery Store".

As a result you will need to spend some time walking and talking to people about where is the best place to buy what you need and where it can be had, and had at the cheapest price. Also if you go to a store that advertises for instance they are a Toyota Parts store, and they do not have the very common part that you would likely easily find in any parallel universe, then remember this ASK THEM WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT? Who else sells it? Ask what the name of the other store is and where it is located. Do not think that you can call the other store because they just do not do that here. Service is over the counter only. In the case of auto parts, you will need to have the old part with you or they likely will not be able to find what you need. They do not have a data base like you see in most part shops in the former usa. They simply match the part to the one you bring in the door. Make sure you got the correct part, buyer beware! Remember when you used to have "Buyer Beware" in the former usa, before the nanny state took over. Thank God they made those laws about toilets (that do not flush well) and light bulbs (that do not glow well)?

I would really like to give you all videos that would help you sort these things out better, and I would love to see comments about what you would like to see. 

Do you have a product that you must have? 

Are you interested in a price on a specific item that you buy each and every time you go out? 

Or are you just interested in the process of doing what needs to be done? 

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