Sunday, May 25, 2014

Here is some land we looked at buying - Chiriuco

A friend of ours told us about and took us to look at a parcel that is available for Sale. Here are the pictures;

Road in front of land going north

Road in front of land going south

Open pasture about 1/2 of land 

Small building

Thomas looking at the woods

Of course there is always a view in Chile
I was able to write the owner who is a north american who no longer lives in Chile and he gave me permission to spread the word about his property.

The land was a little too small for Lori and I as we would like to have a minimum of 20 acres so that we can be more self sufficient with our small farm / fundo. 

This Parcel has a total of +/-6.5 acres.
There is a large creek that borders the north side and runs with good water all the year long.
The property is about half wooded and half open pasture. 
The pasture is good and level and has a good stand of fescue grass.
The wooded areas have good large hardwood trees which would be more than sufficient to make enough lumber to build a large house, barns and fences, and still have plenty of woods left. 
It appeared the property was fenced
It had public electricity available and needed a well
The pasture area had no standing water or wet areas and there was good drainage.

It was a beautiful parcel that was so very peaceful and quite. The air was cool, fresh and clean. It was a rainy day so we could not check out the views, but every thing here has a view........ even the ones that do not have a view.

We would have scooped it up but it was just too small, but it remains an option.
If you are interested just let me know and I will put you in touch with the property owner and you can discuss it further. 

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