Saturday, May 3, 2014

Melon Head

I was running through some of our photos of Thomas and this was too cute not to put on the blog. Have you ever wanted to call your kids a melon head?
He had a small technical problem with the tape but no worries

A boy has to get his peep holes just right, ya know?
Here you can plainly see that he is ready to fight in the most fierce melon battle. 
These are the type of things that little boys do when they are not caught up in computers, team sports for little boys (pee wee sports which I never understood), or watching TV.
I remember my brother Joe and I making dams in the creek, chasing the cows and swimming in the cattle troughs in the pasture. We would take playing cards and clothes pins (to my mother's dismay) and make our bicycles into motorized Harleys. We would make huge piles of hay and jump out of the top door of the barn, hoping we do not break our leg. Hey, it is only 12 feet (you go first, no you). We would go bareback horse riding and swimming in the pond and creek. We would make rope swings, oh, and tree forts and forts in the woods and barn as well. Man, we lost a lot of our dad's tools building those forts, and go carts too!
We would do what boys do, which is having fun with what is at hand. It made us the men we are today. Me, I am not much to speak of but I have had a fun life, and my brother, Joe, is a Doctor twice over. I think having to work out the best way to spend a day makes you use your melon! 

Google Glasses Country Style

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