Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stuffed Chilean Pork Loin

Here is what I made for Sunday dinner. The pork loins here are excellent. They are as good as the meat at Browns Butcher Shop in Gaffney South Carolina. Real tender and they cook up juicy. The loin cost me about the same as $6.00 U.S.
Before sliced and served up fresh out of the oven
So I bought a large half of a loin about 14 inches long and flayed it out into a large sheet about 1 and a half inches thick.

On the side I diced some onions, mushrooms, celery top, garlic, savory carrots, and sauteed them in a large frying pan with olive oil and a little sesame seed oil till they were all tender. 

I had some home made bread that Lori had set out to dry and i took these loaf ends and broke them up into large chunks, being careful not to waste the crumbs. I put all of this old bread into a bowl and put it to the side. I sliced some Queso Fundo or farm cheese in nice large slim lengths and set this aside as well.
Once the veggies had started to caramelize, I took some red wine and de-glazed the pan so that I was not wasting that good flavor from the saute. I smothered the day old bread that I had earlier set aside with the onions, carrots, and wine saute. 

I placed the rolled out juicy pork loin on the chopping block in a large cooking platter. I seasoned what would be the inside of the roll with salt pepper and some olive oil. I spread out the bread and saute contents evenly over the pork loin topped it with the cheese slices, and then rolled and tied up with cotton string the whole mess of goodness to recreate the pork loin in its new and improved reconstruction. 

The whole loin, with the excess stuffing around the edges, was placed into the oven at 350 degrees for about 35 to 45 min. Once fully cooked and crispy browned on the outside, I set the loin aside for about 8 min to rest. Before slicing into portions, I drizzled some olive oil over the top. 
I served up the loin with hot buttered and seasoned home made pasta noodles, and a healthy glass of red wine.  
Sliced and ready to put on the table

Here is our quick video on the pork loin. I am sorry I did not have time to film the preparation of the meal.


  1. Lori flayed a loin and stuffed with pesto. Closed it back up and covered it with bacon. It was great. Yours looks great too. Jim

  2. Ummmm Ummmm good bacon! We are still perfecting our bacon skills but it sounds good Jim.