Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Container is Finally At Our House in Chile

Inspection with Customs at Port Coronel
I am working on a write up to cap the whole process for some of you who have been asking, but we have been slammed with unpacking and looking for computers and cables and junk. It has been real stressful trying to find some of the things we needed while rearranging things so that they are placed correctly in the container for easy access over the next year or so.
As a result, we have had to totally unpack the whole container and repack the unneeded items and then put them back in the container. Add to this that we have a house that looks like a bomb went off and it has been a little hard to get anything done.
So I plan on putting up some pictures and maybe a video later this week, as well as a detailed description of the process (and final costs) for the 3 of you who I know are getting ready to leave the former usa yourselves. Just give me a little time.


Some thoughts on the container from Lori

Overall, I would say that I am very glad to finally have all of our stuff.The things I missed the most were my kitchen equipment like my cast iron and stainless steel cookware- my kitchenaid mixer - my washer and dryer - my books - and my bedroom set but the cost of getting all these items was so high that I am really doubting the wisdom of this. I could probably have fit everything important to my family on a palette and saved thousands of dollars. The total cost including the $4300 container was about $14k. Well, we have a nice storage barn now! And the things we love though we could probably have bought many of them here.
So to ship or not just depends on how attached you are and how much money you have. What kinds of things are you bringing and could you replace them here at the same cost or higher? Appliances can be questionable as you have a different currency here. My mixer is ok for now. My washer and dryer are having some problems but at that point the container was already coming so we had nothing to lose.
I would have packed more in my suitcases and even paid the extra baggage fees and I would have looked into a palette first. Just some thought for those considering the move.

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