Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Vegie Shopping Trip

Once a week, we stop by El Mercadito in Puerto Octay and pick up our vegies for the week.  Senor Mercadito buys at the wholesale market in Osorno or from locals. So we get what is grown in Chile in season. No imported foods from half way around the world here! Really local foods would include potatoes, onions, swiss chard, cabbage, cilantro, and berries and apples in season. Most of the rest will come from locations just north of here in central Chile. Here is our purchase from last week.

This includes the gargantua celery, a huge head of cabbage, a very large stem of broccoli, 5 cloves of garlic, 4 bell peppers, 5 kiwi, 8 bananas, 9 onions, and a bag of 7 carrots (the sweetest I've ever eaten!) All this costs 9,000 pesos or about $18.

Here is our favorite fast food treat - pan con chicharrones - yummy goodness for bacon lovers. This is a roll that has chunks of smoked pork baked into it. It costs about $1 per roll. You can find it at most bakeries and every little town has a market with at least a small bakery in it and a few specialty chilean breads like the maraqueta roll. More on that later. And now I will leave you with a few spectacular pictures because Volcan Osorno's presence is always here and the beautiful wide open skies.

Look at that beautiful glowing cap from the last ray of the sun's day


Always some interesting cloud formations over the mountain


  1. No more GMO worries there! God Bless, Mike

  2. Well they do not like GMOs here but they do spray here which is not good. Not all veggies are sprayed but you never know so you wash or rinse all your stuff before eating. Of course if you buy local they typically do not spray because it is just too expensive to spray. Like the apples that we picked off of the trees up the hill from the house, those trees have not been tended in years so there is no danger of spray. All you have to know is that the veggies will not look as nice and perfect as the sprayed ones and when you are picking you need to look for bugs that have eaten the fruit and throw those aside so you remember to cut off the bad parts later. But hey that is the farm life. Waste not want not.

    1. So -- the only way I'm able to comment on this is to "reply" to an existing comment. Not sure what I'm doing wrong 1/2 the time -- but I'm sure it's partially 'user error.'

      That's quite a haul you're getting from the mercado! That celery is CRYING out for some peanut (or almond!) butter....yummy!!! (and maybe a few raisins on top =)

      Such beautiful pics of the Vulcan -- as usual. It's always lovely. It's like a dream -- your location. Mountains, lakes, ocean, rainforest. ahhhhh