Thursday, July 31, 2014

Andrew is Sweet 16!

It's hard to believe my freckle face little boy is 16. He has grown tremendously this year - several inches - taller and thinner and he's 6' 2" - the tallest in the family!
He's a great kid with a charming personality and never stops talking! He is his Dad's boy for sure.
And the quickest way to his heart is through his tummy! He loves good food and makes a great cinnamon roll.

2009 or 2010 at Caesar's Head in NC

2011 at the Columbia Zoo feeding the lorikeets (my favorite bird!)

 2012 Washington DC
2012 at the South Carolina Military Museum 

2013 in Santiago
Muy guapo!


  1. Congratulations Andrew! Jim & Lori (Curley)

  2. Yea Mr. Curley you know he just will not stop growing though!

  3. 6'2"...?!? What's that about? =) He's as tall as Eric now. HOLY MOLY.

  4. Yea I like to call him a "big Floppy Doodle"