Wednesday, July 30, 2014

La Picada

From our last post you know we went sledding but while we were out we went exploring. We went to La Picada which is on the north side of Volcan Osorno because we thought we might be able to find some sledding there.
Here is a view of La Picada from Quilanto.
Is that not amazing, or what?
La Picada is to the left and you can just see the peaks of Tronador in between. Tronador , or thunder mountain, is even taller than Osorno (8,700 ft) at 11,300 ft. It is in Argentina on the eastern shore of Lake Todos Los Santos.It is called thunder mountain because it has 8 glaciers on it and the sound of the falling ice sounds like thunder. Can't wait to visit there! Maybe after we get permanent residency so we won't have any problems with entrance fees to Argentina. But anyway ..... La Picada
We drove to the end of the road and ended at El Refugio which is a seasonal cafeteria for hikers at the end of the road in Vicente Perez Rosales National park.
This is the refuge

Volcan Osorno from the north side
This is the closest we got to the snow line without a hard hike!

notice the terrain is rocky with lots of moss and low scrubby trees and shrubs

Thomas is ready to go sledding

Andrew down in the ravine

The terrain and trees growing in this ravine are different from the lush tropical growth on the sides
I think at one point in the past a giant river of lava flowed through this ravine and down to the lake
A little road side shrine

This is the end of the road, for vehicles any way, and for those of you non-spanish speaking peoples
Desolation Pass is the road that goes around the volcano to the east side and the town of Petrohue on the shores of Todos Los Santos. This trail is not for the faint of heart. With a name like Desolation pass, I expected Smaug to come flying around the volcano! It is a difficult hike of  15 miles in 10 hrs there and back and to height of  5600 ft.


  1. WOW...15 mi hike! I fall in the group of non-Spanish speaking, "faint of heart." I hope you guys make it so I can see YOUR pictures. =) That first photo of the green fields in the foreground and the snow in the distance is really something. What a contrast. How are the boys liking this adventure?

  2. TOOO far for me to walk! I will have to wait for the movie Suzi. Almost every view here is spectacular. The boys are getting lazy and we need to get them outside and on the land. All in good time.

  3. La Picada is the small mountain to the left. It is just far away in the picture so it looks smaller. It is even more awesome just looking out the window at these views.