Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Looking at Land to buy in Chile

First I must say that I am sorry that Lori and I have not posted anything in a little while, but it started with Lori getting sick and then she was most kind enough to hand it over to me. As a result we have just been battling this illness and it sadly continues to linger to a degree..........

In the mean time we were able to put together the strength to go and look at some land that our wonderful friend Marcos was so kind to arrange to for us to go and see. This land was a mix of 90% flat pasture land with a small creek that likely dries up in the summer and a portion that was 10% that was a former homestead that had burned to the ground, leaving only the foundation and a few outbuildings and one worker house.
The property was beautiful but we did not fall in love with. This is ok as this is a process, and we figure that if you move 5,000 miles it would probably be important to find a property that we could put our hearts into. There were a few issues that we had with it but they were simply OUR issues and not particularly a problem with the land. We have looked at less expensive land that was much more appealing but was as you remember too small. So we will keep the looking process going until we find the property that God wants us to buy.

Here are two videos of the property that you may want to look at to familiarize yourself with Southern Chile. This property looked very similar to a parcel you would find in Kentucky or Tennessee. 
Sorry for the camera jumps but we have been having issues with the camera making good vids lately. 

and Vid #2

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  1. An update on this property. The real estate salesman tells me that the land is not available because the seller has leased the property to the adjoining property owner and she has therefore removed the property from the market. The standard operation procedures do not apply here in Chile as there is no MLS and there typically are no listing contracts for property. In some cases there may at any one time be 3 or more real estate sales men who claim that they have the same property for sale, and they typically have the property listed at different prices. So this is no supprise.

  2. Cross-listed. If no MLS, how does one go about searching for a property if one doesn't have neighborly connections?

  3. You can go to a real estate agent who is not "Licensed" or just use the friend network. Those are your only choices.