Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fundo Tronador

Today we went out to a farm nearby looking for a horse show. We didn't find the horseshow (we were a bit late) but we did explore this beautiful farm. Fundo Tronador - Farm Thundermountain  named after the nearby volcano- is a dairy farm and a Lipizzaner horse farm.
Here is the main entrance
My little buddy posing at the entrance

An interesting water fountain that spills into a little pond at the entrance
This is the carriage house 
And these are all the fabulous carriages
All fairly new and built in Poland

Wouldn't you love a ride in this?

We did see a few horses
They just weren't showing

This is the large covered arena with stables

This is inside the arena - notice the chandeliers
Someone's got a lot of pesos
Didn't know dairy farming was that profitable!

Inside the large adjoining stables

I am a SLAVE are you?

Here is an interesting article about citizenship and the USA. LET ME BE CLEAR HERE THAT I AM NOT INTERESTED IN RENOUNCING MY CITIZENSHIP OF THE USA. I love the former USA, it just does not like me so much. I thought that in the Declaration of Independence we were no longer subjects of a government / king/ dictator. That we had God given inalienable rights? You know rights from our creator, and I do not think that the US government is my creator/

The gist of the article is that you now must pay $2,350.00 to the U.S. government to renounce your citizenship.

Ok I get it that you should have to pay to join the USA (become a citizen) but since when do you have to pay to leave an organization, club or association? Typically you just tell them and leave right?

If you wanted to quit your job would you have to pay? No.
If you were a member of a social or dinner club would you have to pay to quit your membership? No.
If you were a member of a church would you pay to leave that church? No, but you must pay to leave the USA and renounce your membership. I could understand a small processing fee but really $2,350.00?

This begs the question: How much are the illegal aliens having to pay to come into the former USA, and get free health care, housing, education and food? It is all now backwards when we have to pay to not be a citizen and get paid to be a citizen.

Maybe this is telling us that it is not so good to be a citizen anymore. Will there come a day when you will not be permitted to renounce your citizenship? Will there come a day when you will not be able to leave the former USA with out permission? (On a side note: this day has come and past. You now can not leave the former USA if you owe taxes.)

Ask yourself if you are ready for the next loss of freedom? Comments are more than welcome.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The traditional Chilean dance - Cueca

What a doll! I was ready to take this little man home, he is so cute!
Thomas was eyeing his cool costume complete with spurs!

 I have always enjoyed traditional dances from square dancing to English country dancing and this style was very interesting to me. It was a lot like square dancing but with a spanish flair.
The Cueca is The traditional chilean dance and all students are taught it in school at an early age. It's roots are in Spain. The man wears the chilean cowboy (huaso) costume with the typical Chilean cowboy hat (chupalla)  with a flat wide brim, leather boots with  spurs, and the manta (poncho).

 The ladies wear the colorful dresses with a wide ruffled skirt. They also have white handkerchiefs which they wave around during the dance. The dance is supposed to be an imitation of the rooster courting the hen.

Sunday, Sept. 14, after Mass, in La Picada, they had a Fiesta Patria for the upcoming Chilean Independence day.

Beautiful constumes! The ladies on the right and left in pink and blue are wearing the country girl dresses.
The elegant ladies in the middle in the tan outfits are wearing the more traditional formal attire with heavy spanish influence. I love the hats and the ruffles!
Here is a great link to a sight that talks about huasos(chilean cowboys).

And here is our video from La Picada

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hot Dog Completo

What is a hot dog in Chile? That all american food made the chilean way.
 Is it perrito caliente? Don't ask for this or you may get Fido
or salchicha? or just hot dog with a spanish twist to it? Jim says hot dogo
cause if you just add an 'o' to the end of a word it may actually be spanish for something!
My favorite brand is Receta del Abuelo. It has the most meat minus the food coloring.
Completo style has chopped tomatoes, mashed avocado, cilantro, catsup, and lots of mayo.
It may also have chucrut in the southern german parts which is sauerkraut.
Italiano has just tomato, avocado, and mayo which are the colors of the italian flag.
A lo pobre is the poor man's hot dog with fried onion, french fries, and a fried egg on top.

And to wash it all down a Coke Life made with stevia which, by the way, is not available in the good ol' US.

And these are calzones rotos or the torn underwear cookies. Quite tasty! They are just bits of fried dough with powdered sugar. I buy them at the feria but one of these days I'm going to try making my own.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Entre Lagos Chile: Land for Sale

Here is some more land that we looked at near Entre Lagos. The videos are a little raw because we were going it 4x4 the whole time. It is a total of 4 videos with one of them showing a little of the entry to the town Entre Lagos and the lake. Please comment, rate and subscribe!

to the northeast of the 180 degree view

The entrance to this nice little tourist town
It is the first stop on the road over the mountains from Argentina

a church

The town square

a view over the pasture towards the barn and the the river at the treeline behind it
notice the short shrubby bamboo and the humps are the roots

This river flows out of Lago Puyehue towards the ocean

Driving into the land

Walking the Land

More Walking the land and River views
Leaving the land and going into Entre Lagos at the Lake

Down Side first: 
1. The entry will cost some money to upgrade with grading and gravel. This will not be cheap in the $1K to $3K range.
2. The Barn has been vandalized has started to rot and needs a lot of work.
3. The property does not have water or power and power would cost around $2K
4. About 1/2 the land is unusable in its current state because it has become over grown with this short bamboo and will need to be tilled under and plowed several times (read more money here $$$).
5. The access to the river where the slope is most gentle was purchased by someone else (around 2 acres) and they will have permanent access across the land to get to theirs. Which divides the property. We did not expect to have neighbors so close.
6. The seller thought that the adjoining owner would sell some more property, but  the farmer did not think he could for at least 5 years.
7. We are still waiting to see if our provider can get us internet at the land. THIS IS A BIG DEAL and a Deal Breaker if we can not get good internet to the land.

Lets leave on the positive side eh?

What was nice:
1. There were excellent views that could be had with some tree trimming which is normal.
2. The Land has around 600 feet on a very nice river which we could bulldoze a path down to eventually and put a small hydro plant on with out the need for permits etc.
3. There were two nice spots for a house and possibly two more with lesser views.
4. The access was one mile which meant that it was a good security measure. Any thief would have to drive a mile across the farmers property, and go through two gates, to get to this land.

Based on all these factors and comparing to other property we have seen the price is on the high side, with the access and the work needed on the land as big problems! As we were driving down to the land we were in 4x4 for about 1/2 the way. I was picturing trying to get our container down there with the side load truck. So before we can even try to set up shop and home we will need to spend thousands of dollars on the access which is actually on someone else's land. All these things are being considered.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Centering in on some Land

Green Acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me. Land spreading out so far and wide. Keep Santiago just give me that campo side!

Ok a little flash back for those of you who remember the show Green Acres. By the way even as a child if found Eva Gabor repulsive.
Well here is some land that we looked at earlier and have returned to look at again. There are a few things that we really liked about this property which has caused us to return. The land was very peaceful and there was no noise other than cows chewing grass. We still have a few misgivings about the size and the little building as well if we can purchase some land from the adjoining property owner, who we understand would likely be willing to sell as portion of his large fundo. A big bonus is the creek which seems to run year round and it has a springhouse/well. It also has some large hardwoods that wood be great for lumber and smaller trees for firewood.

The bridge washed out and we had to take a detour

I told Lori and Thomas that if got going really fast we could jump it!

Here are some pics of the woods at the creek.

Good Strong Creek

Here I am chasing back the natives. Protecting Lori from poison darts and head hunters
(For you who do not know, Chile has none of these and in this area the average temperature is 70 Degrees)
View of adjoining property . We hope to purchase a little portion of this to Double our farm size.


Out House

Right of way down to creek

Outside Shack
Inside Shack

Looking at shack from Gate

Some weeds Lori took pictures of

Thomas proceeding into the jungle