Sunday, August 10, 2014

Centering in on some Land

Green Acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me. Land spreading out so far and wide. Keep Santiago just give me that campo side!

Ok a little flash back for those of you who remember the show Green Acres. By the way even as a child if found Eva Gabor repulsive.
Well here is some land that we looked at earlier and have returned to look at again. There are a few things that we really liked about this property which has caused us to return. The land was very peaceful and there was no noise other than cows chewing grass. We still have a few misgivings about the size and the little building as well if we can purchase some land from the adjoining property owner, who we understand would likely be willing to sell as portion of his large fundo. A big bonus is the creek which seems to run year round and it has a springhouse/well. It also has some large hardwoods that wood be great for lumber and smaller trees for firewood.

The bridge washed out and we had to take a detour

I told Lori and Thomas that if got going really fast we could jump it!

Here are some pics of the woods at the creek.

Good Strong Creek

Here I am chasing back the natives. Protecting Lori from poison darts and head hunters
(For you who do not know, Chile has none of these and in this area the average temperature is 70 Degrees)
View of adjoining property . We hope to purchase a little portion of this to Double our farm size.


Out House

Right of way down to creek

Outside Shack
Inside Shack

Looking at shack from Gate

Some weeds Lori took pictures of

Thomas proceeding into the jungle


  1. Looks lovely! Is it at least large enough to get started? And how far would it be from the Menonnites you've befriended in your current location?

    1. Yes this is what we liked about the property. It is lovely and quiet, but there is more land for us to see. It is still close for us to get to our friends but still out in the sticks. We will see.

  2. I was wondering the same thing as Flambeaux: How far from your friends? What is the general location? It looks so pretty -- very peaceful. NICE CREEK...are there any other views like you've had some of the other properties you've visited...i.e. vulcan or water? So green...

    1. As you know we are still waiting for some things to fluff out in the former USA, but I think it is now time to step up our land search to see what else is out there for us to see. We will put up all pix or videos as well. We have created a video play list of land we are looking at and we will keep adding to that list.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  3. Well here is some disheartening news on this land. It is around 6 acres and a little on the high side, so land area for critters is a premium. Well I was able to speak with the neighbor who we had originally heard was likely interested in selling a small portion of land adjoining this one we are looking at.
    I was able to finally speak with the neighbor who was just a wonderful man who had all kind of knowledge and insight on the land in this area in general, but he is not willing to sell a small portion of his property and says that he knows the neighbor as he as approached him about purchasing some of his property and he will not sell either.
    They both have working dairy farms that are needing more land not less and this means that there is a land squeeze going on where these farmers are trying to maximize their production with the land that they have.
    The good news is that he will start looking and asking if anyone else has land for sale in this area.
    WARNING!! THIS IS ALL PART OF GODS PLAN SO LETS ADAPT, because it will all work out for the better in the end. So I am told:)

  4. I agree. This is working out this way for a reason....that will become clear at a later date....we hope. =) Regardless, you're getting the word out there. The more people who know you are interested and how can testify to the populace that you are hard-working, honest, genuine, and serious about purchasing...the more likely the perfect location will present itself. I have faith.