Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fundo Tronador

Today we went out to a farm nearby looking for a horse show. We didn't find the horseshow (we were a bit late) but we did explore this beautiful farm. Fundo Tronador - Farm Thundermountain  named after the nearby volcano- is a dairy farm and a Lipizzaner horse farm.
Here is the main entrance
My little buddy posing at the entrance

An interesting water fountain that spills into a little pond at the entrance
This is the carriage house 
And these are all the fabulous carriages
All fairly new and built in Poland

Wouldn't you love a ride in this?

We did see a few horses
They just weren't showing

This is the large covered arena with stables

This is inside the arena - notice the chandeliers
Someone's got a lot of pesos
Didn't know dairy farming was that profitable!

Inside the large adjoining stables


  1. Very cool. I love the Lipizzaner's and I've been a fan of dressage for years even though I've never ridden a horse.

    1. Yea we are very disappointed that we did not get to see a show, but they have other shows during the year so we will keep you all posted. Thanks for the comment Flambeaux

  2. I had no idea there were Lipizzaner Stallions in Chile! I lived in Austria from 1985 to 1987.