Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Morning Surprise! A New Baby Lamb

Thomas is so proud of our new little lamb!

This morning when I got out of bed to look out the window to see what type of view I am to have today (with or with out rain), I saw to my surprise a baby lamb in our yard. We have 3 adult sheep that we were hoping were bred by the Ram that we borrowed some months ago. I can not remember the exact day that we put them with the first Ram (we borrowed 2 in succession) but obviously one took to the breeding. So we may see one or two more births over the next few days or weeks.
Here is our video of the baby lamb with its mother.
Little lambs are just beautiful and are just so full of joy for life. It is important that the little lamb nurse well with in the first 24 hours and get lots of colostrum or typically it will die. It really is wonderful how God knows best. We will keep an eye on the little lamb until we are sure it is doing well.
We penned up the sheep today so we could nab the little lamb to look her over and give her a treat.
Turns out she's a girl! So she's a keeper for breeding. Thomas named her Dandelion. Her dad was all white and her mom white with a black face. Dandelion has some nice mottled brown coloring.
Mom & baby

First sip of milk replacement
We hope to make her into a pet so she will come to us easily


  1. It is adorable!!!! It really seems quite big for newborn doesn't it?? Congratulations to all of you! Maybe next birth will be twins!!

    1. The one in the last part of the vid is really REALLY FAT! But I am worried since it is her first lambing. We will just have to see. Thanks for the comment!

  2. oh and it was so great talking with you this morning...it has been toooooo long!! (from Bethune)

    1. Well you have our phone number and it is a local call not international. We sure do think the world of you and Jim. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for yall.
      Please come back to the blog and thanks for the comments too!

    2. Lori Im sooo happy to know you. Please more posts like this:))
      what lovely post and your kid cute!!!
      Love these pictures. I will add you to my favorite lists and I added you in G+ .
      Lori I answer you really loong in your comment if you want read.
      nice to meet you!!