Saturday, September 27, 2014

Homemade Empanadas

YUM!If you could only taste these, you'd spend the rest of your life in Chile. These are awesome!
We have had many a store bought empanada and they are nothing compared to these delectable morsels of fried goodness.My very sweet friend, Alida, came over today to show me how to make empanadas. It is a family tradition in Chile to get together at holidays, especially Fiestas Patrias, to make empanadas. Each South American country has their own version of the empanada. The typical one found in Chile is the empanada de horno or the baked empanada. It has a meat and onion filling with part of a slice hard boiled egg and an olive with the pit.
Ours are filled with onions, ground beef, parsley, and garlic.
The dough is just flour, oil, salt, and water. Rolled out with a pasta machine assembly line style

Fried to a crispy golden color in our cast iron skillet

And our finicky little taste tester get's the first bite and the verdict is ..........
If you want the recipe, please post a comment!


  1. ooo look soo good. what i wouldnt give for 1 of those.

  2. Yum, yum.. We like the dessert ones too that our Ecuadorian family made us, here in the states.. Jackie

    1. Hello Jackie! We have not heard from you in a while and were wondering how you were. Are you in Charleston now?

  3. They were like an empanada machine.

  4. Done in the "country oven" (fried in oil) I see. I've had the small empanadas done this way, but the larger ones are always baked with a smooth egg-wash. You've gone outside the lines on this and fried up a big empanada.....and now I must try one. :)

  5. your empanadas are wonderful Lori and Im hungry now OMY!

  6. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement Gloria. We had a wonderful meal and it was great learning the traditions of Chile at the same time.

  7. I used to eat empanadas in Venezuela and in Costa Rica. Sure would love to have the recipe!

  8. Thanks for the comment!
    You know each South American country has its own version of empanada
    The chilean version is a ground beef mixture with an olive and a piece of hardboiled egg and usually baked though I prefer the fried kind :)
    Here is a link to a recipe
    Happy cooking and eating!