Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pollitos y Patitos - Chicks & Ducks

Buying anything in a different country is always a challenge. Where do you go? Not the old familiar places and the language is always a challenge. We wanted chicks for a while and saw some at the feria but the next time we went, they didn't have any. Different feria and closer to spring we saw a sign that we deciphered as saying - broiler chicks, ducklings, and laying hen chicks. The prices averaged around 3$ piece- we placed our order (12 chicks and 4 ducks) and were told to return in 3 weeks. As we anxiously awaited, we wondered what were we really getting? We didn't know what breeds and just assumed they would be little chicks. Well, the ducklings were very little but the hens were feathered out though still quite young. They were very healthy calm animals. They seemed used to being handle which is nice but we still don't know what breeds they are!
The chicks in their temporary container for the first night
They were a lot bigger than we expected so we weren't quite ready
We will be feverishly working on the coop this weekend!


Thomas & his special duck Lucinda


  1. It is incredible how tall he is and he eats like a starved monkey. He will be 7 on Oct 19th. Time sure does pass fast.