Friday, September 5, 2014

Sopaipillas- Savory or Sweet?

Which do you prefer? I made these delicious little treats today to go with our vegetable soup dinner. They are fried pieces of dough  made with zapallo or chilean pumpkin. You can serve them with pebre sauce which is like a tomato salsa or with a chancaca syrup. Chancaca is a chilean molasses.
A nice golden brown fresh out of the deep fat frying cast iron kettle Jim set up outside
He loves outdoor cooking and so do I (him cooking, I mean!)

Here is the link to this great website I found on traditional chilean cooking
The recipes are in english and spanish and many if not most can be made in a North American kitchen!

Here they are the next morning with a light syrup recommended by Gloria on the website linked above. It has cinnamon and orange peel in a honey/sugar syrup thickened with corn starch. I must admit they are good both ways but much better sweet!


  1. Look amazing I would be happy ho eat now dome sopaipillas:)

    1. Well come on down and we'll share some over some affogato al cafe!

    2. Gloria go look at our YouTube Channel you may recognize some places and views. Also you will see my husband cooking on the channel too.