Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Land in Purranque

Coming down the road towards the property

Across the street is a blueberry farm (yum)

To the right would be the road frontage of the property
The view from the front gate - open pasture with a few large trees and a few grazing bulls all the way to the tree line in the back center which is a stand of Eucalyptus
Walking through the eucalyptus stand - the property slopes from the front to the rear creek

At the rear of the property overlooking the creek to the neighbor's farm

Looking towards the front of the property from the stand of woods
The sad part - they are clearing the land to sell for firewood
I don't know if they are clearing all the eucalyptus but this is a major drawback for us 

A swampy area near the clearcut

The creek that runs on the rear property line is moving fast enough to use for some power generation and seems to flow year round

This is another small creek that runs into the one above
And here is the video Jim put up on Youtube
The land is 8 hectares which is about 20 acres. They are asking around $8k per acre which is way too much but we'll offer what we can and see what happens. Since they are clearing the land for firewood, they may need the money. It is a buyer's market here. Land doesn't move fast and there are rumors that a big fat new tax is looming on the horizon for land purchases (19%) to fund free higher education.


  1. Replies
    1. We are trying so hard to find the right property for our family. It is so hard to find what we are looking for because there is not a listing service here in Chile. But I think God will lead us to the right property.

  2. Eric and I watched this video a few nights ago, after he and Jim spoke. It really is lovely...so lush. How much of the eucalyptus are they clearing prior to their sale? Will they be replanting or leaving any of the existing stand? Jim told me how prevalent the eucalyptus is there, but I wondered if it is a self-propogating, quick grower?

    1. There is another video uploaded on more land we saw yesterday. It was too large and as such too expensive.

      On the Purranque land I have not asked too many questions and I am thinking that they plan on clear cutting all of the trees. I do not think these are the self propagating but I will ask. There is government money to remove the stumps and replant, and do walking trails as well so this may be an option. These are quick growing trees.
      Also I think that there is enough flow in the river to generate power on a low flow water wheel, and that it flows year round and as it was a couple feet deep.