Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lavanda Casa de Te in Frutillar

Wow, what a beautiful surprise this was! This little restaurant is off the beaten path so I had never heard of it until a friend took me there one beautiful sunny afternoon.

Even the drive is scenic and quaint
Blooming apple trees surround the building

Glimpses of the lavender fields

And the tea house
Bright & sunny - each table is hand stenciled and each chair has been covered in pretty flower fabrics
plus each table is set with a different pattern of beautiful old fashioned china

The view of the lavender fields and the lake

I wish you could smell the delightful aromas of lavender and tea
When you sit down, you get a complementary glass of lavender lemonade in a wine glass

Even the sugar cubes have been decorated!

Fresh baked cookies, lavender scones and the most delicious tea
We had 2 pots - one green tea with blueberry and one black tea with flowers

And they have a large selection of beautiful china and tea pots
And here is their link if you want to go visit!


  1. oh Lori what beautiful place! and love all, the cups, the sugar all look beautiful1 Really amazing !I have to go some day:)
    Just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks amazing. We "love" having tea. Those sugar cubes are adorable.

  3. This is such a beautiful place! What does it cost to eat at a beautiful place like that?

  4. Thanks for the comment Jackie
    The price is pretty reasonable.
    $5 for a pot of tea and some cookies.
    They also serve meals but i cant remember the price on that.
    Eating out here can be pricey so we dont do it much:)