Thursday, November 6, 2014

Busy, busy & our new farm!!!

Wow! Life has been busy lately. Just a quick update for family & friends
We sold our duplex in the US and
about 3 weeks ago we made an offer on the land in Purranque. It was a low offer and it was declined.
So then we made an offer on the land in Chiriuco but we were too late as another person had made an offer but they are slow and the owner is getting frustrated so if these other people can't make it happen by November 20th, we are in. Here are a few pics of that property. It is 6.5 acres with pasture, creek, woods, and a spring on a dirt road surrounded by dairy farms and a short walk to a navigable river for kayaking. Update - on Nov. 15 - our offer was accepted!
On the road

The right side - beyond the trees is a ravine down to the creek

Pasture to the fence and then down to the woods in the rear
On to other news - Samuel & Andrew are spending the week at the local Catholic school. They are checking it out before we enroll them for next year. This is the quickest cheapest way to learn spanish and make friends. I'll post more about the school system later - it's a bit different than the US and took us a while to figure it out.
 And we had 2 new additions to our flock yesterday.

I suspected something when I saw her trying to hide behind a tree but then we had to leave for the day and we missed the birth. It's a boy and a girl! We have one more ewe who is round as a barrel. I wouldn't be surprised if she had triplets.

And finally, we finally got a bank account! But it's really weird and we can only put so much money in. Jim will post more on that later.


  1. Those pics of the land are so beautiful. Good luck on this. We are praying that the right situation presents itself and you recognize it. =)

  2. Saw your vids of new lot. Looks great. For the bats nests there is a high frequency "siren" that locals use. I believe they are battery powered, and they act as a deterrent for them to nest in the walls. Then when they're gone, you can close the walls up properly so they can't get back in. I had them too...they sneak into the soffits in as little space as the size of a quarter, so corrugated walls will be like rolling out the red carpet to them. Switch out to flat walls, or you'll have to fill in all those open spaces. I'd switch to flat, and while it's open you can insulate. I look forward to seeing you document the construction with more pix and vids

    1. Thanks for the good advice. Are you down here in Chile? if so I would like to find out where you got the siren? You know how it is sometimes hard to find things here. The wall had 4 " styren foam insulation and I think that the bats scratched it out but we will see when we open up the wall. We will keep you updated.