Friday, November 7, 2014

New Baby Sheep Video

Here is a video of our new twin, baby black sheep.

One little female and the other twin is a larger male.


  1. What pretty babies! Your developing quite the herd!

    1. We may have one or two more on the way any day as the other female is expecting too and she is big. So we may end up having twins again.

  2. you raised these down in Chile? Wow...Where did you learn how to raise sheep? I stumbled upon this blog because of your title: "Living Free in Chile"

  3. When I was very young in Kentucky we had a few sheep on my parents farm, but I was primarily a beef cattle farmer. I managed my parents farm for about 18 years until they were over run by society in South Carolina. Raising sheep is easy. Much more easier than cattle in some ways, but probably the best reason I like them is that I no longer own a lawn mower. So I get a cut lawn, fertilizer and lamb on the table all at the same time. Which tastes a lot better than paying for a lawn mower or gasoline.

    Once we buy our farm we will get more livestock (Cattle, Pigs, Geese, Turkeys).

    Go see our YouTube blog and you will see some cool videos of our new baby sheep and other things we are doing here in Chile. Thanks for the comments.